Saying ‘See you next time’ to the Mitby


The Mitby Theater on the Madison College Truax campus is one of the loveliest theaters in town. It was originally built as a space for the Madison Symphony Orchestra, and so its acoustics are darn near perfect.

It seats just under a 1000 people, which can be intimidating when your trying to shepherd any straggler you can into a seat on performance night. Even when you have a house of 100 they are eaten up by the great cavernous maw of the space.

But the size of the Mitby is one of the reasons I was so excited to stage manage in it. Running a show out of such a majestic venue promised to be exactly the kind of learning experience I wanted to get out of college theater. I’ve run plenty of shows, mainly through my dearly beloved Young Shakespeare Players, but none of them has prepared me for real-world stage-managing and show-running like working Clybourne Park in the Mitby.

The whole show was such a beautiful learning experience and the skills and self-knowledge I have earned over the past three months will be immeasurable as I continue my journey in theater and the arts.


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