Writing 750words.com

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.55.44 AM.pngWhile on the hunt for promising sources for my honors project (a literature review on writing tutor scholarship related to the concept of ‘tutor as artist’) I came across an article on 750words.com.

750words.com is a pretty simple website based on a pretty simple concept:

Write 750 words. Every day.

Getting yourself into a writing headspace can be a pain, and worrying about quality of content only makes it worse. Getting yourself past your inner editor and putting content on a page, no matter how nice or terrible the content is, is the first task of the writer. These 750 words are the first hurdle, a way of warming up and getting yourself comfortable putting words on paper before focusing on what your actually need to be writing about. Or you can use the 750 for your writing project, it’s your decision.

So why use a website, which is really just a basic word processor, instead of a regular old Word doc or a blog like this one? 750words.com has several features that trigger all those happy little reward centers in the brain. You get points for each day you meet the 750 mark, more if you hit it multiple days in a row, and badges for writing certain ways (so many days in the morning or late at night, for example). The site also analyzes your words and tells you about the mood and topics you focused on, sometimes accurately and sometimes not, but it’s always fun to see.

I only found out about the site a few days ago, but I’ve started using it and I love it. As a goal-oriented person having clear tasks and checkpoints makes me all starry inside, and the content I put there can be a rough draft for other writing projects (of which I have a scary amount) or just a recap of the day/random thoughts. It’s working more than any other journal I’ve tried, and hopefully it will continue to work.

I’m currently in the blissful 30-day trial honeymoon phase, but they only ask for a $5/mo subscription, so if I’m still playing with this site by the end of April I’m going to spring for it. Yes, I could write 750 words for free with applications I already have. But I wouldn’t. I need the little reward centers to fire and tell me I did good, and I just don’t get that on my own.


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